Chipotle Wedding Catering

Nutrition information is based on standard serving sizes actual nutritional values may vary because of order customizations variations in portion size or recipes changes in growing seasons or differences in the sources of our ingredients. There is no doubt that the chipotle catering cost compares favorably with other restaurant chains that do not offer the same level of quality.

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Im particularly worried because our local chipotle opens at 11am and the ceremony starts at noon so we have to have someone pick up the food and get to the ceremony which is about 10 minutes away pretty quickly.

Chipotle wedding catering. Its possible your guests will love it but dont be surprised if some people arent super into it. Would you serve chipotle at your wedding. If your heart is totally set on catering chipotle then go on and do just that.

Thats why we are cultivating the next generation of farmers. Chipotle mexican grill history. If youre really set on incorporating chipotle into your wedding id suggest having them cater your rehearsal dinner or if your wedding is going late enough and its in your budget use it as a late night snack sort of thing.

I dont feel there is any difference in getting chipotle to cater your wedding versus a sit down mexican style restaurant or even have any standard catering company do a similarly themed meal. Do you think your guests would share their stomach issues. Were also going to have a candy and desert bar with cupcakes and cookies but i just wanted other opinions.

Chipotle at the reception. The way chipotle catering works is that you have to hand pick everything anyways so why not have everyone get what they. But i wouldnt do it for dinner at the wedding.

If you are planning a large event such as a wedding and you want to go for chipotle catering get friendly with your local restaurant manager beforehand. My fiance and i are chipotle fanatics and it occurred to us a while back that it would be fun to have chipotle at our wedding. Of course at the end of the day this is your wedding so do what you want.

My fiance and i both love chipotle and he really wants them to cater our wedding. We believe in todays farmers every bit as much as we believe in real foodbecause you cant have one without the other. I feel you should put your foot down because its special to the two of you and has meaning.

I am not opposed to it because i also love chipoltle but im wondering what our guests will think. Have any of you guys done it and if so how did it go. Fast casual catering might be the next big thing in the fast casual dining segment an increasing number of companies have started to cater.

Your wedding is for you to share with your family and friends. Were doing chipotle catering for our wedding.

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